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In the south-western part of the Keszthely Mountains, on the hillside surrounding Keszthely, 4 km from Lake Balaton and 3 km from Hévíz, is the village of Cserszegtomaj, the largest village in Central Europe.
Below the settlement lies the unique Well Cave, which is 3 km long and 52 m deep. The cave is a highly protected natural treasure of our village.
Who hasn't heard about the deservedly famous spicy wine of Cserszeg, which our settlement owes to Dr. Károly Bakonyi.
Visit our office in Cserszegtomaj, whose geographical location and forest wreath provide attractions, hiking opportunities and fresh air for its residents and guests.


The main activity of Forest Power Kft. Is the sale, technical support, service and supply of spare parts for forestry machines, forestry logistics equipment and related accessories.
We are proud to say that our product range includes the most renowned machine manufacturers in the forestry sector.
Our company has been representing the products of the market-leading Jenz, Ponsse, Westtech, Alucar, Hultdins and Kesla factories in Europe since 2008. However, our colleagues have more than 15 years of experience in the field of forestry machinery. Thanks to the equipment and quality components developed with a high degree of design and the use of top-quality products, the machines ensure reliable and economical work for the owner in the long run. Our forestry machines are also market leaders in Hungary, and they have become the dominant machines in Hungary for logging and the production of wood chips.
The outstanding quality of our machines and our long-term market presence, our well-prepared and flexible service staff guarantee the satisfaction of our customers.


  • High quality and high level of expertise, high level of expertise in the field of services, components, services and services li>
  • We are committed to the products we sell, gaining the satisfaction of our customers, which contributes to the success of our customers.
  • Partner with our customers and our customers
  • Quality work is a fundamental principle of fair conduct and fairness in all work
  • Accurate, reliable, flexible in all areas
  • Environmental Awareness All the task that we are responsible for / li>


András Bálint
András Bálint
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Andrásné Bálint
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Róbert Kónya
Róbert Kónya
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Gábor Horváth
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Ferenc Bene
Ferenc Bene
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Sándor Nyirő
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Zoltán Kurucz
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